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  • Les Smith, Builder: “When I started advertising with the Australian Home Design Directory I knew very little about the Internet and how it could benefit my business. Within the first 4 months of advertising we signed 3 contracts totaling $660,000. Advertising on the Home Design Directory has definitely benefited my business”.
  • Mark Gooding, Grind and Shine Concrete Polishing: Business had been so slow I got used to leaving my phone in the car. I had not undertaken any Internet advertising before but since advertising with the Australian Home Design Directory I now need to carry my phone at all times as I receive at least 1 call everyday enquiring about my services. Had I know it would work so well I would have signed up sooner.
  • Victoria, Property Presentation Professionals: We paid for a side-bar ad and a featured article with the Australian Home Design Directory and after only two weeks of advertising we received more enquiries than we received from a full year of advertising with the Yellow Pages!

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