How to setup Sucuri Antivirus on Cloudways

In this short guide, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about setting up Sucuri Antivirus on Cloudways.
This will include things like what security services are offered by Sucuri, any special security offers that are available for Cloudways customers, how you can set up Sucuri Antivirus on Cloudways, as well as how to claim a cloudless credit through your Sucuri subscription.
Sucuri Antivirus is one of the most well-known security provider to some of the most popular website hosting platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, and more.
Sucuri offers monitoring services, website bioservices, as well as malware removal tools. When you get the antivirus, you will be able to get DDoS protection and any picking attempts will be blocked. This makes it a really great software for users on the Cloudways platform.
To set up Sucuri Antivirus on Cloudways, simply follow the following steps.

1.Get the Domain Name to Protect

You must make sure that you log into Cloudways using your credentials, and you must have the root domain name ready. You’ll be taken to the dashboar but where you would have to click on applications. This is located in the top menu bar. You must then be able to choose your desired application.
From there, you’ll be taken to the Application Management area where you must check the Primary domain information that you will see in the Domain Management section. You will have to use this in order to set up Sucuri Antivirus.

2. Buy Sucuri Subscription

The next thing that you’re going to do is to create a new Sucuri account, and at this point, you’ll be required to choose a plan level, which depends on your needs. You can then go ahead and purchase your subscription.

3. Navigate to Website Monitoring

The next step is for you to login into your Sucuri account and then make sure that you navigate to Website Monitoring.
4. Add Your Site
At this point, you will have to add the full domain name of your website to Website Monitoring. This is located on the left side bar.

5. Order Malware Clean Up

This step is only optional, which means you can skip it. In the event that your site has been compromised already, you will definitely need to make use of the step. That means you have to order a malware clean up.

6. Malware Removal Request

Because this step is a continuation of the previous step, it is optional. If you have ordered malware clean up, then you will have to fill the form with all the information that is required. This includes your card details of payment option that you would have chosen. Also, you must make sure that you specify SFTP connection, and not SSH.